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Bob Ross, The Happy Painter

Bob Ross: The Happy Painter from Carol Jennings on Vimeo.

“Bob Ross, one of the most iconic figures in public television, seems deeply familiar to viewers but fundamental information about him has never been revealed. What is Bob Ross’ story as a man and an artist? How did The Joy of Painting get started? And what was it about Bob himself that made him such a compelling figure “?

“Blue Ridge PBS will answer these questions and more with this one-hour, high definition documentary. Some of the most surprising elements of the program are the interview segments with celebrities who learned to paint the Bob Ross way including Brad Paisley, Jane Seymour and Terrance Howard. Blue Ridge PBS also secured an interview with Phil Donahue, who played an important role in Bob Ross’ career by featuring the artist on his Chicago-based show “.

a 1 hr. Documentary on my “Old Friend”. Airing here in Tx. next Sat.

One of the nicest,honest,happy men, I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.A great teacher of Art too….I miss him and the times we painted together…This man, is solely responsible for opening my eyes to Gods plan…


Paul McCartney, live from D.C. 1990

Listen to more Paul McCartney at Wolfgang’s Vault.

Concert Summary

Linda McCartney – keyboards, background vocals
Paul McCartney – vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Robbie McIntosh – guitar, background vocals
Hamish Stuart – bass, guitar, background vocals
Chris Whitten – drums
Paul Wickens – keyboards

John was the cynic, George was the quiet one, Ringo the clown, and Paul the cute one. These traits were commonly accepted, but belied the depth of character possessed by each of the four members of the Beatles. Once free of the burdens of being Fab, each in his own way shed these images and came into his own as an individual in the public eye, and none more successfully than Paul McCartney.

As his creative influence had come to dominate the Beatles in the studio while the others’ interest waned, Paul was poised for a smooth transition into a solo career. From his early homespun releases to the bombastic pop of Wings and beyond, “the cute one” has proven himself consistently to be a world class singer, musician, composer, producer and, most of all, entertainer.

Sir Paul’s excellence is well on display in this 1990 performance. Graciously celebrating American independence in the nation’s capital, McCartney and band offer a comprehensive survey of his entire career. The set list is of course heavy with classic Beatles’ numbers like “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”, and the lesser-known but no less outstanding “Things We Said Today.” He also includes a few other gems like Wings’ “Band on the Run” and a smattering of songs from his then-current album, Flowers in the Dirt.

Though a couple songs here may be better left forgotten, the jaunty pop of “This One” and “My Brave Face” (the latter co-penned with Elvis Costello) prove that Paul’s still got the gift for sweet melodies. Also forgiven is the rather sterile ambient quality of the proceedings: it’s likely that his early touring experiences before suitable P.A. systems were capable of making anything other than adolescent howling audible has left Paul with a preference for clarity above all else in his live mix.

There were not many opportunities to see or hear the Beatles performing live, much less with any sort of reasonable fidelity, making documents like this all the more exciting.
Here’s an opportunity to hear a bona fide legend perform the songs that changed music forever.

Life ” Off The Grid” from Texas Country Reporter…

Meet Your Maker…..

MEET YOUR MAKER from Asylum Artists on Vimeo.


It’s called Monday…..
There was a feeling in the air of being overwhelmed with running a business, trying to slow it down, preparing to close the business. Speaking with clients, trying to pursued them to continue working with me at Betsy’s Lab. Waiting to find out if my daughter was well enough to run some errands for me.

Then late morning, this damn telemarketer calls me, wanting me to use their credit card services for my business. I told him, why would I want to do this, since I’m closing the business. the arrogant moron got angry with me, saying I called them. What a liar…..Why do so many people feel the need to lie. This really pissed me off, I had a few choice words for the imbecile and hung up on him.
I can relate..
After my daughter Amy returns from her trip of errands for me and the company. When she get’s back, she’s telling me she had serious trouble using my debit card.
45 minutes later, on the phone with the credit union and their security firm, we finally remove a triggered block on the debit card. They say, I had used the wrong pin # too many times, this triggered the block. I’m saying, I know I’m 99.99% sure I know my own damn pin #. Later last night from Donna, I find out…….not so much !
I did however, get accomplished, the implementation of Cable/Int/Phone with Time Warner, Elect. with TXU and gas with Atmos…all 3 services set up for Dec. 1st arrival in Arlington.
whewww….what a frustrating day, yet some serious things I needed to accomplish….done !

Hello world!

Welcome to 54 and counting…I’m just getting started but I bet, if you check back. There could be a story of my life, that you will relate to.

Feel free to chime in and share…