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The Amazing…Skidboot

This is one AMAZING dog……it’s a shame, he’s no longer with us.


Black Friday , the true meaning of Christmas and loading day is almost here…

In just over 24 hrs., I will be headed to pick up the moving truck,trailer and the loading will commence !! I still have a lot of packing and cleaning equipment from Lab to prep for this move. So this Friday, will be a serious move to get better prepared for tomorrows loading.

Thanksgiving Day, we took most of the day to just relax and reflect on just how fortunate and lucky we are to have this change in our lives coming our way.

I know many people are headed out at this hour for “Black Friday” and while I understand why they’re entering the shopping twilight zone, I still feel concerned that the people who participate in “Black friday” really must not understand what type of “Perfect Storm” is headed in our direction.

These people are either financially better off than most and don’t care or they’re oblivious, in denial of the coming storm. I hope many of you wake up and save as much of your $$$ as you can or spend it very wisely on clothing that can be worn, after inflation accelerates the cost of these items in the coming New Year.

Many of you have small children and as a parent, I understand that children and grandchildren will not understand if you change your spending habits for Christmas. You can however cut back, make the toy purchases less than years past and toss in some necessities too ! If you have teenagers, I strongly urge you to explain to them, what is going on in this country economically and asked them to help you cut back. Ask your children to help make smarter purchases and perhaps, get your children involved in making another family, more in need, have a Christmas wish come true.

The act of giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving..

Try this for giving : Angel tree helps families in need
or this link here:
or “Pay It Forward” here.

Whatever you and your family participate in this Christmas season. Let’s all enjoy family and the spirit of the season, the true meaning of Christmas.

6 days and counting….

Just 6 days from today, until the truck is here and the loading commences.

Upstairs packing will be finalized by early afternoon. Donna and Vickie. as we speak are now, going through the upstairs and packing the overlooked items.
I’m about 36 hr.s away from closing Lab. Then the cleaning, packing of the Lab goes full speed ahead.
Some of the consumable supplies were packed yesterday, in the lab. I was surprised how quick that went.
I think the largest difficulty will be boxing up paperwork and office belongings….

I think that Wednesday of this coming week, the gloves come off, and an all out assault on the packing begins…OH ! ..also Wednesday, “Note to thy self” , Donna and I are getting remarried at 10 am, at the JP :))

Texans in 2 weeks and 2 days…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed yet…we’re moving forward…. Today, a massive packing day, with help coming to pack, with Donna.
Of course I still have quite a bit of lab work to accomplish but this coming week should spell the end of lab production.

It’s truly amazing at all the list of things to take care of. Spending $$ for this, for that, trying to get all things paid that need to be and at the same time, covering all moving expenses. My notes are more organized now than before, actually getting to check things off the list.
Last evening, we met with ADT to have an alarm system installed next week. We would have liked to have utilized 2 cameras , have them installed too but the cost was outrageous. ADT wanted 1699.00 for 2 cameras and a DVR ! Not today, perhaps later…You have to draw a spending line somewhere. Anyone that visits my home here , near the lake, after we are in texas, will be in for an arresting surprise.

so moving forward today…

I will reserve the moving truck, equipment and more supplies. Two men to help load were tentatively hired for the 29th but If I can find others cheaper, I will. This moving company wants for 2 men, $95 per hour , just to load. Anyone in my area, that knows 2 men that need $$$. I’m willing to pay well but not $95 per hour,if I can help it. $ 40 per hour, for 2 men, is very good pay and I suspect the loading can be accomplished in 4-6 hrs.

The rest is finishing paying utilities, living expenses and informing e-transactions of future address and hold on any eft transactions , until bank accounts can be set up. So, off to the shower, then to work in the lab for the day.

from today, 2 weeks and 2 days until we become Texans….

Another good day, with a twist.

Daily events, these days are never dull. Yesterday began the end of my business with the leaving of employment from Ms Patterson. I hated to see her go but the book of life has more pages, to be turned. I wish her the best!
Then Sis ask me, do I know if the refrigerator in the new home is staying or am I having to purchase a new one? So, I contact the realtor via email. He starts asking questions to the home owner. We come to find out that not only is the frig staying but there are many items, the owner has in the home, are for sale.

So, through the realtor in Texas, sis contacts him and sets up an afternoon viewing of the inside of the home and the items for sale. Around 4:30pm est. Sis calls me from the home on her cell and tells me. She has a;ready walked through the home, talking with the owner with the owner stating. These items are for sale.
( A very nice ,olive green couch and loveseat, a very nice large persian? rug on the den floor, a very nice outside table and 6 chairs, a new microwave in the kitchen)

Sis, was able to purchase all of this for 250.00. WOW, what a buy! Way to go Sis ! What a great owner not wanting to move many items, selling these for such a buy!
Also, come to find out, the owner is leaving a new frig , a washer and dryer (we have a complete Maytag W/D/, that we may use or sell now) and lawn equipment.

What a great shopping , fact finding , spree that was. Sis was pumped…

and the appears a former employee of my closing corporation and ex-step-mother that is really evil has been stalking my current address (according to my close neoghbor). I witnessed the stalking yesterday , late afternnon. This person is evil, vendictive and there’s no telling what she is up to. So, I’m going to inform the Sherriff’s Dept., my insurance company and it now appears I’m going to have to consult ADT about their “pulse” system to be installed. I would not put it past her, to vandalize my current residence or torch it after we move. This home is insured, so come what may but if she tries anything, I hope to get it on film and catch her for the police to deal with.

Let her try… your on camera..

I have said many times..

Sometimes, I think I am the most unorganized, organized person on this planet. You know, the post-it note for the post-it notes?
I think………NO…I know I have said, I will never move again…..never say never :))

With all there is to do, notes on who to call for power/electric , to cable tv-phone-internet, to insurance for the home, to reserving the moving truck, a trailer to pull the 89 honda civic, to packing supplies….whewww !!

The deciding what we are taking with us and what is not making the trip. The what to do with the things that stay behind.
The there’s the lab ! From closing the lab, finishing patient cases, cleaning the lab, organizing the lab,boxing consumables.

Think I had better get a composition book to keep all notes in…. “post it note to they self “….

Our new home in Texas ….with a slideshow.

Yesterday was a great day…Sis called me and told me, we got the house in Arlington,Tx. …. YEAH !!!!
Now, the plan is put into action. To notify clients that we are closing but where that door closes, another is opening. I hope I can convince some of them or all to send their cases to Tx. The packing, planning of moving begins…..

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So..the move is on