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Paul McCartney wedding to Nancy Shevell: Beatle and US heiress marry in London | Mail Online






Paul McCartney wedding to Nancy Shevell: Beatle and US heiress marry in London | Mail Online.


Thanksgiving Day and our coming move.

This day, being our last Thanksgiving day in Tennessee is a bit different. While traditions will come to the surface in many homes today. Ours here in Tennessee, will consist of more and more packing in preparation for Saturdays loading of the truck, Sunday more loading and Monday morning too!
Today, just more cleaning of Lab equipment, packing of lab supplies and finalizing the packing for the coming load day.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be thankful. We are very thankful for the freedom to gather with family and friends. I long for the older days, when our families were close enough in Ga. to gather and visit , chat, talk of older times. Many family members are deceased but still in our hearts. So, even though this Thanksgiving will not be traditional to us, the future Thanksgivings look brighter. We are moving close to family, so perhaps next Thanksgiving will become more traditional like many of you are gathering for today.

2 days until we start loading the truck and 4 1/2 days until we head out for Texas !!!

The Beatles and Apple….” Come Together “.

Apple and The Beatles worked it on out Tuesday, bringing The Beatles’ catalog — after years of negotiations — to Apple’s iTunes Store.

The 13 Beatles studio albums and three hits collections went on sale for $1.29 per song, fulfilling a longtime wish of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “We’re now realizing a dream we’ve had since we launched iTunes 10 years ago,” he said.

The Beatles- 1964 concert in Washington, D.C.

I just finished watching the Beatles 1964 concert in Washington, D.C. , at iTunes. The sound is digital, the video very clear, the rawness of the sound, the nuances between tunes, the crowd all standing the test of time. I had previously viewed some clips from this concert but had not experienced the show, in its entierty.
The LIVE harmonies, on “This Boy” , “Please, Please Me” and many others is a small sample of what the Beatles meant to music and to society.

Whether you’re a baby boomer and want to relive a moment in time or a new generation and desire to view history and grab a sense of how the Beatles changed everything.
Give the show a bit of your time.The show, still gave me goose bumps. a few tears in my eyes. What a pleasurable opportunity to relive those days. Thank you Apple Corp. and Apple.

Happy Halloween !!