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Sowing The Good Life….

A blog from a friend. A young lady, Wife and new mother.

She’s going to teach you all about a lad back,down to earth way of living…..She might even teach you how to become content and happy.
My first read of her new site..

You gonna eat that figgy paper?

I never really knew fresh figs until I moved to Alabama. There used to be a “fig man” down the road that sold a box of figs for about $12. I think it was a gallon of figs, but it seemed like a lot more. Man they are like candy! So good, sweet, soft, mmmmmmm yummy. So I guess it was the summer before last we found him and started stocking up on figs. Well not so much stocking up, as getting them and eating them like crazy for a month. Then last year the fig man died, and his wife tried to sell them. She wasn’t available daily like he was, but when she was, we’d load up on a box of figs every time we drove by. I believe they were mission figs.

Check her blog out……go to this link:


the pain of all pains…..

the toothache !!!!!

someone shoot me....pain...

Last night , Donna awakens me in serious pain. I knew she had been feeling some discomfort for about 1-2 days but we kind of wrote it off to popcorn that she loves to snack on. She flossed earlier, rinsed with Listerine and it seemed to help early yesterday.
Last night around 10:30pm, the molar blew….after panic and I know the pain and panic. Then it became clear that she had lost a filling in this molar about 6 months to 1 year ago. She had visited the local dentist ( butcher) and I would not allow him to work on her. Then, the molar became out of my site, out of my mind problem. Donna normally takes good care of herself but she had dropped the looming problem, trying to keep expenses down, so I found out in the early morning hours.
I tried everything under the category of home remedies but no relief. These types of pains are not tolerable or easy to stop without a pain-killer and especially an antibiotic. So, calling Dr. Prevost, calling Dr. Prevost….
The good Dr. Prevost called us back around 11:00pm and away I drove like a bat out of hell to the Knoxville pharmacy…picked up the pain-killer, Donna took the drug and the anti-biotic on the way home.
I think she finally was able to sleep around 4am….

Bless her heart ! I hate to see her in pain , especially this kind of pain….I think , it’s the absolute worst type of pain…..
looks like she will be visiting the good Dr. Prevost early next week and …
YES, I will have one more crown to make before leaving for Texas…..hhmmm, I could send the case to Sis, for her to make out there but then Donna would have to have it seated out there, instead of here in Knoxville.
I think, I’ll rush it through my lab here, before we move..

Another good day, with a twist.

Daily events, these days are never dull. Yesterday began the end of my business with the leaving of employment from Ms Patterson. I hated to see her go but the book of life has more pages, to be turned. I wish her the best!
Then Sis ask me, do I know if the refrigerator in the new home is staying or am I having to purchase a new one? So, I contact the realtor via email. He starts asking questions to the home owner. We come to find out that not only is the frig staying but there are many items, the owner has in the home, are for sale.

So, through the realtor in Texas, sis contacts him and sets up an afternoon viewing of the inside of the home and the items for sale. Around 4:30pm est. Sis calls me from the home on her cell and tells me. She has a;ready walked through the home, talking with the owner with the owner stating. These items are for sale.
( A very nice ,olive green couch and loveseat, a very nice large persian? rug on the den floor, a very nice outside table and 6 chairs, a new microwave in the kitchen)

Sis, was able to purchase all of this for 250.00. WOW, what a buy! Way to go Sis ! What a great owner not wanting to move many items, selling these for such a buy!
Also, come to find out, the owner is leaving a new frig , a washer and dryer (we have a complete Maytag W/D/, that we may use or sell now) and lawn equipment.

What a great shopping , fact finding , spree that was. Sis was pumped…

and the appears a former employee of my closing corporation and ex-step-mother that is really evil has been stalking my current address (according to my close neoghbor). I witnessed the stalking yesterday , late afternnon. This person is evil, vendictive and there’s no telling what she is up to. So, I’m going to inform the Sherriff’s Dept., my insurance company and it now appears I’m going to have to consult ADT about their “pulse” system to be installed. I would not put it past her, to vandalize my current residence or torch it after we move. This home is insured, so come what may but if she tries anything, I hope to get it on film and catch her for the police to deal with.

Let her try… your on camera..