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Paul McCartney, live from D.C. 1990

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Concert Summary

Linda McCartney – keyboards, background vocals
Paul McCartney – vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Robbie McIntosh – guitar, background vocals
Hamish Stuart – bass, guitar, background vocals
Chris Whitten – drums
Paul Wickens – keyboards

John was the cynic, George was the quiet one, Ringo the clown, and Paul the cute one. These traits were commonly accepted, but belied the depth of character possessed by each of the four members of the Beatles. Once free of the burdens of being Fab, each in his own way shed these images and came into his own as an individual in the public eye, and none more successfully than Paul McCartney.

As his creative influence had come to dominate the Beatles in the studio while the others’ interest waned, Paul was poised for a smooth transition into a solo career. From his early homespun releases to the bombastic pop of Wings and beyond, “the cute one” has proven himself consistently to be a world class singer, musician, composer, producer and, most of all, entertainer.

Sir Paul’s excellence is well on display in this 1990 performance. Graciously celebrating American independence in the nation’s capital, McCartney and band offer a comprehensive survey of his entire career. The set list is of course heavy with classic Beatles’ numbers like “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”, and the lesser-known but no less outstanding “Things We Said Today.” He also includes a few other gems like Wings’ “Band on the Run” and a smattering of songs from his then-current album, Flowers in the Dirt.

Though a couple songs here may be better left forgotten, the jaunty pop of “This One” and “My Brave Face” (the latter co-penned with Elvis Costello) prove that Paul’s still got the gift for sweet melodies. Also forgiven is the rather sterile ambient quality of the proceedings: it’s likely that his early touring experiences before suitable P.A. systems were capable of making anything other than adolescent howling audible has left Paul with a preference for clarity above all else in his live mix.

There were not many opportunities to see or hear the Beatles performing live, much less with any sort of reasonable fidelity, making documents like this all the more exciting.
Here’s an opportunity to hear a bona fide legend perform the songs that changed music forever.


too funny….photography trickery..

The 9 Dirtiest Beatles Songs | This or That

The 9 Dirtiest Beatles Songs | This or That.


Very interesting find…I knew some of this but some new research here too.

The comments expand these thoughts even more….

Those were the days my friend….

Beatles – 1st Presentation with Ed Sullivan show

I read the news today, oh boy.

Sirius XM to host Paul McCartney concert

And it’s a good day to be a fan of the Fab Four. On the day that the Beatles catalog finally went on sale at iTunes, Sirius XM satellite radio is showing subscribers the love as well. In a celebration to mark Sirius XM reaching 20 million subscribers, the satellite provider announced that Paul McCartney will be giving an exclusive invitation-only concert at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater on December 13 at 8:00 PM ET. The concert will air live on 6 Sirius XM channels, including a month long Band On The Run channel that Sirius is launching November 29 with 24/7 music from the McCartney songbook. Sirius XM will also run promotions so that subscribers can win tickets to attend the Apollo concert in person. To qualify for the promotion, you’ll have to been an active subscriber of either Sirius or XM on or before November 15.

By Ed Baig
courtesy of usatoday/technology live.

The Beatles and Apple….” Come Together “.

Apple and The Beatles worked it on out Tuesday, bringing The Beatles’ catalog — after years of negotiations — to Apple’s iTunes Store.

The 13 Beatles studio albums and three hits collections went on sale for $1.29 per song, fulfilling a longtime wish of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “We’re now realizing a dream we’ve had since we launched iTunes 10 years ago,” he said.

The Beatles- 1964 concert in Washington, D.C.

I just finished watching the Beatles 1964 concert in Washington, D.C. , at iTunes. The sound is digital, the video very clear, the rawness of the sound, the nuances between tunes, the crowd all standing the test of time. I had previously viewed some clips from this concert but had not experienced the show, in its entierty.
The LIVE harmonies, on “This Boy” , “Please, Please Me” and many others is a small sample of what the Beatles meant to music and to society.

Whether you’re a baby boomer and want to relive a moment in time or a new generation and desire to view history and grab a sense of how the Beatles changed everything.
Give the show a bit of your time.The show, still gave me goose bumps. a few tears in my eyes. What a pleasurable opportunity to relive those days. Thank you Apple Corp. and Apple.