Live Webcam Shows Baby Eagle Moments After Hatching in Iowa Nest

We’ve had the live feed up on our blog for a couple days now. It is a true internet sensation. Huge numbers have watched all week to see when the baby eagles would be born. The first hatched on Saturday afternoon — one outdoors blogger followed the action:

One adult eagle delivered the carcass of a rabbit and the other adult on the nest rose up and revealed the first of three eaglettes to hatch as a web cam captures the activity live.

I believe I got to see the wobbling little white fluff ball get its first meal. The parent went right for the nutritious entrals.

The next feeding occurred about 50 minutes later. Then the web cam zoomed in to show how the eaglette new it was time to wedge between the two unhatched eggs as the adult oh-so-carefully snuggled down on the eaglette and eggs for another rest. Very cool.

Will number two and number three be far behind? Here’s the live feed:

Live TV : Ustream


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