Black Friday , the true meaning of Christmas and loading day is almost here…

In just over 24 hrs., I will be headed to pick up the moving truck,trailer and the loading will commence !! I still have a lot of packing and cleaning equipment from Lab to prep for this move. So this Friday, will be a serious move to get better prepared for tomorrows loading.

Thanksgiving Day, we took most of the day to just relax and reflect on just how fortunate and lucky we are to have this change in our lives coming our way.

I know many people are headed out at this hour for “Black Friday” and while I understand why they’re entering the shopping twilight zone, I still feel concerned that the people who participate in “Black friday” really must not understand what type of “Perfect Storm” is headed in our direction.

These people are either financially better off than most and don’t care or they’re oblivious, in denial of the coming storm. I hope many of you wake up and save as much of your $$$ as you can or spend it very wisely on clothing that can be worn, after inflation accelerates the cost of these items in the coming New Year.

Many of you have small children and as a parent, I understand that children and grandchildren will not understand if you change your spending habits for Christmas. You can however cut back, make the toy purchases less than years past and toss in some necessities too ! If you have teenagers, I strongly urge you to explain to them, what is going on in this country economically and asked them to help you cut back. Ask your children to help make smarter purchases and perhaps, get your children involved in making another family, more in need, have a Christmas wish come true.

The act of giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving..

Try this for giving : Angel tree helps families in need
or this link here:
or “Pay It Forward” here.

Whatever you and your family participate in this Christmas season. Let’s all enjoy family and the spirit of the season, the true meaning of Christmas.


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