The Beatles and Apple….” Come Together “.

Apple and The Beatles worked it on out Tuesday, bringing The Beatles’ catalog — after years of negotiations — to Apple’s iTunes Store.

The 13 Beatles studio albums and three hits collections went on sale for $1.29 per song, fulfilling a longtime wish of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “We’re now realizing a dream we’ve had since we launched iTunes 10 years ago,” he said.

The Beatles- 1964 concert in Washington, D.C.

I just finished watching the Beatles 1964 concert in Washington, D.C. , at iTunes. The sound is digital, the video very clear, the rawness of the sound, the nuances between tunes, the crowd all standing the test of time. I had previously viewed some clips from this concert but had not experienced the show, in its entierty.
The LIVE harmonies, on “This Boy” , “Please, Please Me” and many others is a small sample of what the Beatles meant to music and to society.

Whether you’re a baby boomer and want to relive a moment in time or a new generation and desire to view history and grab a sense of how the Beatles changed everything.
Give the show a bit of your time.The show, still gave me goose bumps. a few tears in my eyes. What a pleasurable opportunity to relive those days. Thank you Apple Corp. and Apple.


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