One week and 6 days to go…

As with any move, there are productive days and not so productive days. Yesterday was a stalemate. I had to make some deliveries to soon , to become ex-clients and pick up work to be shipped to Texas, a B & G Dental Lab. I took Donna with me so she could have a day off and some time away from the chaos.
The clients cases should be complleted by this time next week, I just hope they pay their accounts payable , to me asap! I’m going to need most of the AR to complete this task.

All bills are paid, notices given of the new address with one exception I forgot to take care of. The Water Dept. in Arlington. Being on a well here in Tennessee, I totally forgot we will need that service too. So, I called, got that setup . along with garbage pickup. Seems, that in Arlington,TX. you don’t use garbage cans at the street to contain your garbage. You simply place the bags at the street. ODD, I think and thank God they have a law against free running dogs…Imagine the potiential mess!

So today, more packing from Donna and I will be focusing on the Lab work, trying to make progress. When all Lab work is finished, then the task of cleaning equipment, boxing of supplies begins. Also, today ADT will be arriving this afternoon to install an alarm system.
(Not to thy self, call Realtor and Homeowners Ins. Policy)

I’m going to have some serious tuff leftover to sale. All types of household furntiure and stuff. If anyone knows anyone that buys “the lot of stuff” for resale. Please contact me!
So, packing, packing and more packing.


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