Texans in 2 weeks and 2 days…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed yet…we’re moving forward…. Today, a massive packing day, with help coming to pack, with Donna.
Of course I still have quite a bit of lab work to accomplish but this coming week should spell the end of lab production.

It’s truly amazing at all the list of things to take care of. Spending $$ for this, for that, trying to get all things paid that need to be and at the same time, covering all moving expenses. My notes are more organized now than before, actually getting to check things off the list.
Last evening, we met with ADT to have an alarm system installed next week. We would have liked to have utilized 2 cameras , have them installed too but the cost was outrageous. ADT wanted 1699.00 for 2 cameras and a DVR ! Not today, perhaps later…You have to draw a spending line somewhere. Anyone that visits my home here , near the lake, after we are in texas, will be in for an arresting surprise.

so moving forward today…

I will reserve the moving truck, equipment and more supplies. Two men to help load were tentatively hired for the 29th but If I can find others cheaper, I will. This moving company wants for 2 men, $95 per hour , just to load. Anyone in my area, that knows 2 men that need $$$. I’m willing to pay well but not $95 per hour,if I can help it. $ 40 per hour, for 2 men, is very good pay and I suspect the loading can be accomplished in 4-6 hrs.

The rest is finishing paying utilities, living expenses and informing e-transactions of future address and hold on any eft transactions , until bank accounts can be set up. So, off to the shower, then to work in the lab for the day.

from today, 2 weeks and 2 days until we become Texans….


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