It’s called Monday…..
There was a feeling in the air of being overwhelmed with running a business, trying to slow it down, preparing to close the business. Speaking with clients, trying to pursued them to continue working with me at Betsy’s Lab. Waiting to find out if my daughter was well enough to run some errands for me.

Then late morning, this damn telemarketer calls me, wanting me to use their credit card services for my business. I told him, why would I want to do this, since I’m closing the business. the arrogant moron got angry with me, saying I called them. What a liar…..Why do so many people feel the need to lie. This really pissed me off, I had a few choice words for the imbecile and hung up on him.
I can relate..
After my daughter Amy returns from her trip of errands for me and the company. When she get’s back, she’s telling me she had serious trouble using my debit card.
45 minutes later, on the phone with the credit union and their security firm, we finally remove a triggered block on the debit card. They say, I had used the wrong pin # too many times, this triggered the block. I’m saying, I know I’m 99.99% sure I know my own damn pin #. Later last night from Donna, I find out…….not so much !
I did however, get accomplished, the implementation of Cable/Int/Phone with Time Warner, Elect. with TXU and gas with Atmos…all 3 services set up for Dec. 1st arrival in Arlington.
whewww….what a frustrating day, yet some serious things I needed to accomplish….done !


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