Another good day, with a twist.

Daily events, these days are never dull. Yesterday began the end of my business with the leaving of employment from Ms Patterson. I hated to see her go but the book of life has more pages, to be turned. I wish her the best!
Then Sis ask me, do I know if the refrigerator in the new home is staying or am I having to purchase a new one? So, I contact the realtor via email. He starts asking questions to the home owner. We come to find out that not only is the frig staying but there are many items, the owner has in the home, are for sale.

So, through the realtor in Texas, sis contacts him and sets up an afternoon viewing of the inside of the home and the items for sale. Around 4:30pm est. Sis calls me from the home on her cell and tells me. She has a;ready walked through the home, talking with the owner with the owner stating. These items are for sale.
( A very nice ,olive green couch and loveseat, a very nice large persian? rug on the den floor, a very nice outside table and 6 chairs, a new microwave in the kitchen)

Sis, was able to purchase all of this for 250.00. WOW, what a buy! Way to go Sis ! What a great owner not wanting to move many items, selling these for such a buy!
Also, come to find out, the owner is leaving a new frig , a washer and dryer (we have a complete Maytag W/D/, that we may use or sell now) and lawn equipment.

What a great shopping , fact finding , spree that was. Sis was pumped…

and the appears a former employee of my closing corporation and ex-step-mother that is really evil has been stalking my current address (according to my close neoghbor). I witnessed the stalking yesterday , late afternnon. This person is evil, vendictive and there’s no telling what she is up to. So, I’m going to inform the Sherriff’s Dept., my insurance company and it now appears I’m going to have to consult ADT about their “pulse” system to be installed. I would not put it past her, to vandalize my current residence or torch it after we move. This home is insured, so come what may but if she tries anything, I hope to get it on film and catch her for the police to deal with.

Let her try… your on camera..


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