I have said many times..

Sometimes, I think I am the most unorganized, organized person on this planet. You know, the post-it note for the post-it notes?
I think………NO…I know I have said, I will never move again…..never say never :))

With all there is to do, notes on who to call for power/electric , to cable tv-phone-internet, to insurance for the home, to reserving the moving truck, a trailer to pull the 89 honda civic, to packing supplies….whewww !!

The deciding what we are taking with us and what is not making the trip. The what to do with the things that stay behind.
The there’s the lab ! From closing the lab, finishing patient cases, cleaning the lab, organizing the lab,boxing consumables.

Think I had better get a composition book to keep all notes in…. “post it note to they self “….


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