a good day, yesterday

Yesterday was not a productive day in the lab, yet a very good day for the advancement to Texas. My sis and I both received a phone call from the owner of the home, we hope to lease and later purchase.
We had a very good conversation and he seems to be a very pleasant man. We talked about why we were moving to texas, so one and so forth. I had no clue , the owner had already had a conversation with my sister. Betsy seemed to feel that their conversation went very well.

A little later in the day, sis, out driving around checking out our potential new neighborhood, drove by the new home, noticed a truck in the driveway. She proceeded to knock on the door and was able to meet the owner. The owner, tells her. he will speak with me later this week or the coming Monday. If we get the ok, and I think we will. Then the closing of the business and the move is on.
Sis reports to me, very good vibes from him…..

Here are a few pictures of our probable new home.
The den with stone fireplace:

den with stone fireplace

Outside backyard patio:

Backyard patio

Backyard- garden space 1 :

backyard garden space 1

Backyard garden space 2:

backyard garden space 2


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