and the moving wheels keep turning…

Yesterday, some good things happened.
Sis, went to look at home in Tx. to rent and possibly purchase. Seems like this is the one. Now the typical long form , 4-5 page applications form has to be filled out and to find the $$$$. The money’s out there. It’s just a matter of when the clients pay and therefore when I can send the money to the realtor.
That’s always hairy times….nerves on end about the finances and planning this change properly.

Donna was able to secure 40-50 moving boxed from a local company that is changing their stock, so they are going to give us the boxes free…..sweet huh !!!
We spent a ton of time yesterday, trying to decide what to take with us. We have so much stuff, it’s horrifying . Most of its sentimental and old family things. So, perhaps Salem (Donna’s daughter) will be interested in these things.

So, today, the 28th of October is here…..onward with more planning…..


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