a change is coming…

Today, Monday the 25th of October, 2010…..so much change is coming our way. (not just politically)

Donna’s asleep. it’s pouring the rain with a clap of thunder. We spent yesterday with looking for a place to live in Arlington,Tx. Yepper’s , a huge change is coming, we will be moving from Tennessee to Texas. I think, sometime in the next 30-60 days. Since this is the 1st post, at the age of 54, I will revisit things that led up to this point in life, in later post.
After feeling that we had narrowed the home search down to 2 homes, my sister called me and advised me against the two places. I really liked them, what we could see over the internet, yet, she has her boots on the ground and stated, she did not think we would like either of the choices. So, the search was back on….
Just when you think life get’s tough and decisions are difficult. I did one more advanced search on real estate and on the 1st search. There it was, a home that Donna and I fell in love with. So, today, sis will be walking through the home for us, while she has me on the phone. (one photo below)

our choice of homes..let's hope this is the one.

If all works out, sis likes it, then the move is on and very serious preparations begin…..more later…


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